We are one of the few companies worldwide that can offer an integrated production process. This allows us to control the entire value chain of products, thus guaranteeing the very highest quality standards. Starting with stock aluminium and after a comprehensive manufacturing process
(melting furnaces, casting, hot-rolling, cold-rolling, tension levelling, continuous painting lines, cutting lines, profiling and assembly), we obtain the end product, whose quality is controlled and verified by our approved laboratories.


We manufacture aluminium alloy ingots for subsequent rolling.

Tilting melting furnace with a capacity of 30 MT.


We manufacture aluminium coils using hot- and cold-rolling processes

Aluminium coils with thicknesses between 0.25 and 1.5 mm.

Coil coating

This process consists of applying organic coating materials, resulting in a product with excellent characteristics not only for its subsequent transformation, but also in terms of durability and resistance to corrosion and weather.

It is possible to produce infinite colour variations, finishes, gloss levels and textures with the guarantee of completely uniform properties in every batch.

Profiling lines

We use cold profiling machines that transform the pre-lacquered aluminium coils into profiles.

Under the brand names Persistem and Prelac, Gradhermetic markets its aluminium profiles.

Onsite assembly / installlation

We provide an integrated service that starts with the production process and continues through to onsite installation, taking responsibility for the correct functioning of the end product.

Control over the process from start to finish, from manufacture to onsite assembly and installation.